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Richmond Christian School Scholarship Program

Scholarship Award
1. Mid-Autumn Festival & Scholarship Award 2020
2. Golden Leaf Scholarship In Music
3. Scholarship Recipients
4. Richmond Christian School Scholarship Program
5. Vancouver School Board Scholarship 2021-2022
6. Burnaby School Board Scholarship
7. Vancouver Community College Scholarship 2021
8. Vancouver Christian School and Richmond Christian schools Scholarship
9. Vancouver Community College Scholarship 2022
10. Vancouver School Board Scholarship 2022-2023
11. Vancouver Community College 2023-2024
12. Vancouver School Board 2024
13. Richmond Christian School
14. Recipients of our Scholarship
15. Supporting VCC Asian Culinary Team 2024


Greetings Mr. Liu…

I have prepared a formal thank you letter that has been mailed to your offices, but I wanted to also take this opportunity to email you to express our gratitude for the Jean Ip Foundation contribution to our scholarship program here at Richmond Christian School.  Your generosity meant so much to our students and we are incredibly grateful.  

As promised, we wanted to provide you with a list of recipients.

Here is a list of our Grade 11 students who each received $1000: 

  1. Iris Lou 
  2. Elyse Low 
  3. Kirby Uy 
  4. Allysen Kwok 
  5. Bradley Wong


Here is a list of our Grade 12 students who each received $2000: 

  1. Naiomi Chin 
  2. Olivia Johnsey 
  3. Nailah Crowe 
  4. Jordan Lee 
  5. Avianna Martens 

We will be forwarding thank you notes from the recipients, but I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge your support on behalf of the entire Richmond Christian School community for making such an incredible impact to our scholarship program.  The financial blessing that you were able to place on our students will be remembered throughout their lifetimes. 

Blessings to you as you continue your ministry. 










T: 604.272.8231

M:  604.729.6815



10260 No. 5 Road,

Richmond, British Columbia

V7A 4E5

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