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MLA Teresa Wat spoked about Jean Ip Foundation

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14. MLA Teresa Wat spoked about Jean Ip Foundation
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During the May 8th, 2024 session of the BC Legislative Assembly, MLA Teresa Wat discussed the Jean Ip Foundation.


“I rise in the Legislature to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Jean Ip Foundation and its Chairman, Larry Liu, for their incredible work in supporting our community. Through their scholarship program, the Jean Ip Foundation has provided financial assistance to countless individuals pursuing post-secondary education in Canada. But that’s not all – the Jean Ip Foundation also distributes rice to seniors in our community, demonstrating their commitment to caring for those in need.”

“感謝葉尚志基金會(Jean Ip Foundation)及廖永源主席,感謝他們為支援列治文社區所做的出色工作。葉尚志基金會透過獎學金計劃,為無數在加拿大接受專上教育的學生提供經濟援助。基金會還向長者派發大米,致力照顧有需要的人。”

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