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Golden Leaf Scholarship In Music

Scholarship Award
1. Mid-Autumn Festival & Scholarship Award 2020
2. Golden Leaf Scholarship In Music
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4. Richmond Christian School Scholarship Program
5. Vancouver School Board Scholarship 2021-2022
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10. Vancouver School Board Scholarship 2022-2023
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15. Supporting VCC Asian Culinary Team 2024

Sandra Wibowo Setioadji, a third-year piano student in University of British Columbia have been selected as one of the recipients for 2020 Golden Leaf Scholarship in Music.

Sandra’s thank you letter :

Dear Mr. Larry Liu,

My name is Sandra Wibowo Setioadji, a third-year piano student in University of British Columbia. I am sincerely honored and thankful to have been selected as one of the recipients for 2020 Golden Leaf Scholarship in Music. Thank you for your generosity in supporting my education here in UBC School of Music, especially in this difficult year during the pandemic era.

Because of your scholarship, I am able to continue my university journey with less concern about financial matter, and it boosted my motivation to pursue my dreams. Not only that, the scholarship that I received encourages me to maintain good grades throughout the year, in order to not disappoint the donors, my family, or myself.

Currently, I am majoring in Piano Performance at UBC School of Music under Professor Miranda Wong. I chose UBC Music School as a place to study due to its high quality of education, and its prime location in Vancouver, Canada. I feel that I have received a lot of valuable things – both music education and experience – during my study at UBC.

I have two goals that I really want to pursue in my life. I want to open up my own music school and to make classical music more accessible and valuable to Indonesian community. As an aspiring classical musician who grew up in Indonesia, I found that classical music was not very much appreciated in my country. Thus, I aim to introduce classical music through my performances as a pianist and as a pedagogue to Indonesian community and the world. I have made several small, but meaningful steps towards pursuing my dreams. I was a music director in my high school’s orchestra club where I chose their repertoires and organized their practice sessions for successful performances. I am currently teaching piano in a music school in Vancouver. I shared my knowledge about music to others and gained a lot of pedagogical insights from this experience.

I am thankful for all the financial, academic, and emotional support that my family, professors, colleagues and donors provided me with. Without this support, I would not have the ability to work on towards my goals.

Finally, thank you again for your generous support as one of your scholarship recipients. I am beyond grateful, and I hope that I could follow your footsteps and give back to others in the same way later on in my life.

Best regards,

Sandra Wibowo Setioadji

Sandra Wibowo Setioadji Link to my performance of Chopin’s Ballade No. 3 in A flat Major:

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