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Overwhelming response from applicants

Scholarship Award
1. Mid-Autumn Festival & Scholarship Award 2020
2. Golden Leaf Scholarship In Music
3. Scholarship Recipients
4. Richmond Christian School Scholarship Program
5. Vancouver School Board Scholarship 2021-2022
6. Burnaby School Board Scholarship
7. Vancouver Community College Scholarship 2021
8. Vancouver Christian School and Richmond Christian schools Scholarship
9. Vancouver Community College Scholarship 2022
10. Vancouver School Board Scholarship 2022-2023
11. Vancouver Community College 2023-2024
12. Vancouver School Board 2024
13. Richmond Christian School
14. Recipients of our Scholarship
15. Supporting VCC Asian Culinary Team 2024
16. Overwhelming response from applicants
17. Jean Ip Foundation Scholarship 2024 Recipients

The 2024 Jean Ip Foundation Scholarship Program received an overwhelming response from applicants.

Jennifer Liu, a Board Member of the Jean Ip Foundation, was deeply moved by the need for financial assistance toward education. As a result, she made the compassionate decision to contribute an additional scholarship of $5,000 in the name of the ‘Jennifer Liu Scholarship.’

Now, we can increase the number of awards from 10 to 11. This will enable us to offer nine awards of $5,000 each and two of $10,000 each for the 2024 scholarship program, providing significant financial support to awardees.

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